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Digital Photography 101 for Beginners

Unlike film, digital photography provides a wide variety of endless possibilities. This article will serve as a digital photography 101 course introducing you to the basics as well as how to prepare for your improvements in the craft. One of the biggest benefits of digital photography is the fact that you have no need to carry around film! If you don’t like a picture, you can delete it instantly.Long gone are the days where you had to wait days, if not weeks, to see if your photos came out! This leads to the first digital photography 101 lesson…Take Lots of Pictures! One of the best digital photography tips that you can start using is to start taking more pictures. Often times I see tourists taking pictures and am amazed at how few pictures they take. They could be in front of one of the most amazing locations in the world and be done after seven pictures!Take a lesson from the professional photographers, take lots of pictures and get as much coverage as possible. The more photos you take, the more likely you’ll get a few photos that are true “keepers” for years to come.It’s Not Film, Use Digital Photography 101 For Your Advantage!After taking a photo, be sure to use your digital camera for what it’s worth! View the photo, look at the exposure and see if it needs adjusting before going and shooting more photos. If you have an SLR or higher quality camera most likely it will come with a histogram that will show you exactly what you need to change exposure-wise. In addition, you can zoom in and see if your main subject of interest is focused properly or not.Digital photography provides us with a wide variety of tools to ensure that our photos are properly being taken. Many newer camera models have cool features that make focusing easier than ever. In addition, certain built in modes will allow for a white balance change as well as compensation for certain lighting situations.Use all of these settings to your advantage! The best way to do this is to get to know your cameras features as well as possible. Run through the manual a few times and experiment with the different controls.Edit Your Photos!In the past with film, for many amateurs and hobbyists the photo taking experience ended after the photos were developed by some developing company. With digital, the possibilities barely start after we upload the images on our computers. Photoshop and other photo editing software now allows us to edit our photos with our creativity being our own limitation. If you had some camera setting errors such as poor exposure you can now easily correct it with the push of a few buttons! You can even get rid of annoying things in the background of your photos like an annoying tourist!